Grill & Provisions, Brisket Shoppe debuting in South Tampa

a drive thru sign outside a brick building

Grill & Provisions, a pit-master’s paradise, will expand with a new location in South Tampa at 4004 Henderson Boulevard alongside the Brisket Shoppe. Grill & Provisions and the Brisket Shoppe will host a happy hour tasting/cooking demo on Thursday, April 15 from 5-7:30pm. Learn more about the tasting on the Facebook event page.

Most tantalizing about this new concept is the “drive-thru brisket” sign out front. The Brisket Shoppe could be Tampa’s new go-to meat hub.


Do you love BBQ? Of course you do. Then it’s a great time to be in the city of Tampa. Holy Hog has long been a staple in the pulled pork and brisket scene, and now its little brother, Grill and Provisions, has officially entered the fray. 

Grill & Provisions opened its first location at 3501 N Armenia Avenue in 2019. Grill & Provisions is part retail store, part food hub. They serve lunch straight from the Big Green Egg every Thursday-Saturday. The rest of the time it functions as a pro grill shop. 

This isn’t your run of the mill Sears or Home Depot shop either. Grill & Provisions is about inspiring beginners and pit masters alike to pursue the art of outdoor cooking. BBQing after all is a communal activity. Whether you’re gathering friends or family or neighbors or all of the above, serving up a fresh plate of ribs and chicken wings is the perfect conversation starter…that is until you enter a most wonderful food coma.


Grill and Provisions of course features The Big Green Egg in addition to charcoal, pellet, gas grills. Need an apron? You’ll be able to buy those at the store too. 

Keep up with all of Grill and Provisions’ products and specials by following the business on Instagram and its website.


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