The world’s only ice cream hearse, Frozen Stiffs, is rolling around Tampa

a green hearse parked in a suburban neighborhood

Ice cream trucks are so last year. A new ice cream hearse is rolling around Tampa with flavors residents are just dying to try. It’s serving the frozen treats we all need this time of year, and delivering those cool brain freezes to properly protect any visitor from a zombie attack. Frozen Stiffs would make local legend Dr. Paul Bearer grimly grin.

We are now fully prepared to go six scoops under for Frozen Stiffs. This spooky, fun riff on the classic summer sweet delivery system is the kind of sardonic delight we could use right now.


The 1967 hearse is retrofitted as a novelty ice cream truck with a passenger side service window and a casket freezer. Talk about inventive. The hearse has provided boozy popsicles, Oreo ice cream bars, classic ice cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, Jolly Rancher pops and more.

Owner Anthony Lamont is giving all of us the scary chill of Halloween in the dead of summer and we are here for it. Are you interested in booking the ice cream hearse for your next event? You can learn more about pricing by visiting Frozen Stiffs’ website.

Food truck culture is strong in the city of Tampa. Don’t believe us? Check out our guide to the top food trucks in the city of Tampa. The city itself also recently brought back the mayor’s monthly food truck fiesta.


Keep up with Frozen Stiffs by following the business on Facebook and Instagram.

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