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Florida’s best delis: Frankie’s Italian Deli in Riverview expands with full market

Outside an Italian Restaurant with outdoor seating.

Frankie’s Italian Deli is located at 3930 US-301 in Riverview. The shop features a huge dessert case with cannoli, tiramisu, fresh baked cookies, lobster tail pastries, and a boundless array of ice creams. Frankie’s is renowned for its New York bagels, and massive sandwiches. They have expanded next door and now feature a full market with grab and go meals, specialty meats, rolls, baked ziti, stuffed shells, fried ravioli and more.

This is a taste of Staten Island in the Tampa Bay region. This family-owned operation started as a dessert hub. The deli itself features a huge display case for scoops of ice cream, slices of tiramisu, black and white cookies from Brooklyn, and cheesecake (in addition to the tempting sleazy brownies). They also have some of the best cannoli you’ve ever tried, and the exquisite flaky sweet lobster tails filled with a powder keg of cannoli cream.


Inside a restaurant. The far wall is covered in a red, white and green mural.
4 cannoli in a box
Frankie’s Famous cannoli

If you can manage to simply keep those desserts in your periphery, then you’ll make it to the deli slicer and the impressive menu of sandwiches. Fresh pastrami, salami, prosciutto, Taylor ham, and roasted turkey sammies are all represented on the chef-inspired menu. The Italian sub rolls are pure carb dynamite and absolutely delicious. Frankie’s everything bagels deliver a savory haymaker that’s only embellished when you add a few thick slices of pork roll, cheese, and two fried eggs to the mix.

The mother-daughter team behind the business moved to the area just a few years ago. While the dessert concept has been around for a while, the deli portion of the business only began back in December 2021. Since its inception, Frankie’s has been a major success. The concept has been so successful that they’re already working on expanding the business to keep up with demand.

scrambled eggs, and sausage wit ha hash brown situated between an everything bagel
The Long Island Breakfast Sandwich at Frankie’s
A huge turkey club sandwich
In this club stacked turkey sandwich at Frankie’s Italian Deli

One chef noted they could make as many as 350 sandwiches in a single day. Add to it a delightful dessert case filled with scratch made goodies and you have yourself a bonafide NY deli.


The new market portion offers meals you can take home and enjoy, fried ravioli, stuffed peppers, chicken cutlets, ziti, and more. They’re also working on developing a full pizza menu.

Follow Frankie’s Italian Deli on Instagram to see the latest amazing sandwich creation coming out of the kitchen.

Visit it at 3930 US 301 N, Riverview

Chicken Cesar Wrap at Frankies

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