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Florida Aquarium to reopen next week at 25% capacity

Exterior of Aquarium with Giant sting ray statue

The Florida Aquarium, one of the marquee educational attractions in the city of Tampa, has been shut down to the public for nearly 2 months. It’s finally ready to reopen to the public, with an offical reopening date of May 15.

Please note, this is by reservation only. Those interested in visiting the Aquarium can reserve a spot online beginning May 7. Reservations can be booked in 30 minute time slots and group tickets will be limited to 8. You’ll also have the option to pre-pay for parking.


Visitors can expect a few experience changes as Florida Aquarium officials look to keep visitors and staff safe. For starters, the aquarium will transition to one path for all visitors. Instead of hopping from exhibit to exhibit at your leisure, visitors instead will be guided alone one set path. This will help all maintain proper physical distancing, and better expedite their aquarium experience.

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All interactive exhibits at the aquarium will remain closed until further notice.


Officials have also placed visual social distancing reminders throughout the space for guests to observe.[0]=68.ARD7StDEzqWhutQivege9Ex0xMeQgw5-dkwcNdSK5lAmdiOoBz9Fka76nVpbz9VXC9iFcyCd8yhBJDbpIdfShKZLeyOeHe4gNA9Gn6AesYpriy80Ca19C6JiKTF1KL4RXQTnrifkKb6flasumEjo8d1Dhg-q6PRCYUNi-5y08oJ79SJs40rcOl-vYnu0gdz0b8flyv-KJYndQbej2JuFBRl0wH9MXWla5ETqEcoc06-nNzeegx4XS9Dx32gBwKiH9pZCokCN9Qx3HhqnYjIpLzHwmOKIPxXI6-E6hzNlBeDJn1zJuctSJckKZapwzmKDumbgzdIdCaLF2icysN4wDVQ445I&__tn__=-R

Aquarium staff have tried to keep daily operations as normal as possible – including playing music daily for the animals. All animals at the aquarium still receive 24-hour care, too.

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