Local mobile flower market debuts storefront inside International Plaza

My first experience of Flor + Palma was at the Holiday Promenade at Water Street. Beneath an endless array of twinkling lights, and through hoards of eager visitors and shoppers, this brilliant yellow mobile flower cart stood out amongst other vendors. The team trimming, tying, and arranging bouquets did so with a feverish fluidity, and with the kind of cadence that I’ve grown accustomed to in the small business community here in Tampa.

It’s no surprise that this extraordinarily popular and highly active flower cart would find success on 4 wheels, and now inside one of the most sprawling shopping centers in Tampa. Flor + Palma officially announced its storefront at the International Plaza on December 2.


This is Tampa’s own secret garden. Flor + Palma’s store local flowers, potted plants, and provides workshops and classes, and insights on edible gardening practices.

Flor and Palma is the result of the life-long friendship between Carmen and Sandra. Both shared a passion and love for artisan crafted products, flowers, garden and decor. With Sandra’s background in fashion design and Carmen’s experience as a science educator and farm owner, they were inspired to use their skills as the foundation for Flor and Palma.


The pair’s goal is design beautiful yet functional home and garden pieces and apparel for any space. Flor and Palma promotes sustainable edible gardening practices by designing herb and vegetable gardens for the home.

Visitors will also find garden apparel essentials such as totes, hats, and aprons. Visit their website to shop online, and follow their instagram for updates on future events.

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