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Flirt Wax Bar brings beauty to a new level off Bayshore Boulevard

This article is sponsored by Flirt Wax Bar

The artists at Flirt Wax Bar are the hair removal and brow experts of Tampa Bay. Raya Schwartz, owner of Flirt ax Bar, strives to provide clients in the Tampa Bay region with a high end, clean and comfortable environment, while offering the best quality services in the area.


Flirt Wax Bar’s bevy of services include waxing, microblading and laser hair removal. While Flirt now employees a team of beauty experts, it all began with Schwartz and her drive to carve out her own space in the Tampa community.

Flirt Wax Bar is one local’s dream come true

Raya was just 23 years old when she opened Flirt Wax Bar. It wasn’t always situated just a stone’s throw from Bayshore Boulevard. Schwartz first started offering hair removal and skincare services from a small room she found on CraigsList. Her dedication to customer service turned one dedicated client into. legion of fans hoping to secure an elusive appointment. The word of mouth was so strong that Raya was able to build out her first storefront location on Kennedy within her first year of business. Nearly a decade later, Flirt Wax Bar employs more than a dozen hair removal and skincare experts, and operates out of a location 5 times the size of the Kennedy storefront.

Flirt Wax Bar is Tampa’s premier salon for microblading, waxing and skincare. Every team member specializes in their area of expertise, so they are masters at what they do.


Let’s start with Microblading

Microblading is the art of making realistic hair strokes with pigment to create the illusion of fuller brows. This is a semi-permanent procedure, with results that last about one year depending on your skin type.

Flirt Wax Bar implements the hyper realistic microblading technique. From a delicate improvement to a dramatic & bold transformation, Flirt Wax Bar can help you achieve the perfect brow. The artists here are also are Phi Brow Royal Artist certified.

Those interested in booking the service must call in order to secure their spot. Flirt Wax Bar can be reached at 813-835-4929.

Waxing is Flirt’s specialty

They use a high quality soft wax that is made for sensitive skin. Their wax is cream-based so it’s less sticky than other waxes but is more thorough than hard wax or sugaring. It contains essential oils so it smells great.

Waxing any hair on your body you will experience softer, finer, and more sparse hair growth over time. The best benefit of consistent waxing is it get’s easier. Instead of waxing hair with deep roots you will be waxing baby hair so it should get less painful with every appointment.

You can book your appointment, and see the price rangers for certain services on Flirt’s website.

Laser hair removal specialists of Tampa

For laser hair removal, Flirt Wax Bar uses the Alma Soprano Ice laser because they believe it’s technology is the most superior on the market. Alma’s proprietary hair removal method works by gradually heating up the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

Get 50% off your first laser hair removal service, plus free underarm service when you book. Those interested can pre-book online.

A few things to note in preparation for laser hair removal:

  • 4 weeks before avoid waxing and hair removal creams
  • 2 weeks prior avoid tanning beds
  • 1 week before stop any topical products and creams
  • 1 DAY before shave your hair in direction of hair growth with a clean razor
  • For facial hair please do a close trim 1 day before
  • Come to your LHR appointment with clean skin (no lotions, makeup etc on area to be treated)

Flirt Wax Bar is located at 4004 S MacDill Ave #2 in Tampa. Follow the business on Facebook and Instagram for updates on services, and for a glimpse at what this local business has to offer.


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