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Flan Factory debuts 5-star eatery in Historic Ybor City

Flan Factory is a flan-centric restaurant and cafe located at 1718 N Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. The concept opened 5 months again and has wowed diners with its sensational flan. A personal favorite: passionfruit and guava flan.

We’re big fans of flan — and now there’s a spot completely dedicated to the always mesmerizing dessert in Ybor City. Fittingly named the Flan Factory, this concept is billed as a new modern Cuban sandwich shop located in Ybor City, Tampa.

The homegrown brand is known for its variety of delicious artisanal flans, but the new restaurant can boast a menu of flavorful latin food favorites.

It’s line of flan flavors includes an exquisite espresso Thai tea, salted caramel, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, aƧaĆ­, Fruity Pebbles, and tiramisu.

This is in addition to classic flavors like Cafe Con Leche and guava.

Sink your teeth into a massive classic Cuban sandwich, or go for something even more savory like the 1985, brioche bread is deep fried in cinnamon batter and filled with guava sauce, cream cheese, with oven roasted turkey breast in the center.

Celebrate and support a local business at The Flan Factory, 1718 N Nebraska Avenue.

See more menu teasers on Facebook.

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