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Chef Fabio Viviani’s new restaurant, Amendment XXI, opens in Tampa

interior of a restaurant with a black and white mural on the far wall
Inside Amendment XXI in Tampa

Amendment XXI is now open at 204 Westshore Boulevard in the space formerly occupied by Kingsford Fire Grille. The space spans 8,000 square feet and features fabulous, and hearty burgers, chicken sandwiches, artisanal flatbreads, and some of the top cocktails in the city.

“Step back in time with us,” writes the restaurant ownership team. “AMENDMENT XXI is now open, offering a unique blend of Prohibition-inspired cocktails and Chef Fabio Viviani’s culinary masterpieces. Be the first to experience the allure of a forbidden era.”


a large burger on a plate with a ivy wall background

Prohibition-inspired cocktails at AMENDMENT XXI

Chef Fabio Vivani continues to expand his footprint in Tampa and the greater Tampa Bay region. Taverna Costale has wowed diners in downtown St. Pete, and the residents and visitors at Westshore Marina District eagerly await the debut of Chuck Lager. Osteria is another of Vivani’s top-level restaurants in Tampa. The chef also operates concepts across the country.

For those unaware, Amendment XXI to the UUS Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment to the United Constitution, which put a ban on alcohol across the country. The name leads us to believe this will be a prohibition era inspired bar and restaurant. We’re eager to see a full cocktail and spirits menu unfold.

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