USF professor nears completion of record-breaking 100-day undersea mission

Photo via Dr. Joseph Dituri

Dr. Joseph Dituri, better known as Dr. Deep Sea, is breaking new ground as he conducts groundbreaking medical and marine science research from his underwater lodge located 30 feet below the surface in Key Largo. Currently, he is on the 69th day of his 100-day undersea mission, and he is soon to set a record for the longest underwater human habitation at ambient pressure.

Dr. Dituri is set to break the previous record set in 2014 by Tennessee teachers Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain, who also spent their time submerged at Jules’ Undersea Lodge. During his mission, Dr. Dituri has interacted and taught virtually with over 2,300 students in over 10 countries, including Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Ireland, Korea, and the United Kingdom, and welcomed over a dozen science-focused researchers and digital influencers.

Dr Deep Sea spends 100 days undersea

The 100-day mission began on March 1st, when Dr. Dituri submerged to live and work in and around the undersea lab at the Marine Resources Development Foundation’s MarineLab facility. His mission is set to conclude on June 9th, after which he will submit to in-depth medical examinations by a team of doctors to assess the effects of the mission on the human body.


Dr. Dituri’s research objectives include further exploring the ocean’s role in the treatment of disease and continuing his research with hyperbaric oxygen therapy on human health. His goal is to inspire the next generation of STEM students and to underscore the need for scientific exploration.

Inspiring the next generation of STEM students

“We are excited not only about the prospects of what Dr. Dituri may learn in his science exploration, but also for the exposure he is bringing to students in and out of classrooms who will inherit the issues of today’s planet,” said Ginette Hughes, CEO of Marine Resources Development Foundation.

While undersea, Dr. Dituri is holding regular online classes, including the hyperbaric medicine classes he teaches at the University of South Florida and college-level biomedical engineering courses for high school students.


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