PHOTOS Doodle Noodle Bar, a dreamy 2D restaurant, opens in Westchase

A brand new 2D restaurant, Doodle Noodle, is now open in Westchase. The Doodle Noodle Bar is modeled after so many other transfixing 2D cafes that have popped up in cities such as Orlando and St. Petersburg. Stepping inside one of these spots is like stepping inside a story book, and part of your feast are the intricate restaurant aesthetics. This stunning visual was achieved through the artist ingenuity of Black Ox.

“Get ready for a new 2D restaurant concept that serves noodles, rice bowls, and even poke!” wrote the owners Karmen Vongprachanh in an Instagram announcement. This new noodle bar is located at 9620 W Linebaugh Avenue in the Westchase area.


The pair have experience with a similar restaurant in Orlando, Twenty Pho Hour, another 2D noodle spot that has earned wide acclaim in Orlando. These environments are highly photogenic, so we imagine it’s the kind of restaurant where the phone eats first. You can keep up with Doodle Noodle on Instagram and its website.

The full menu features exquisite items such as steamed dumplings, crab rangoon, squid on a stick, fried tofu, and pho dac biet (eye round steak, brisket, meatballs, tripe, tendon). Fingers are crossed Twenty Pho Hour’s Korean Fire Noodles also feature at this new restaurant.


Visit the restaurant at 9620 W Linebaugh Avenue.

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