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Did Lizzo just put on the best concert ever in Tampa?

Lizzo performs in a shiny gold robe on stage at the Yuengling Center under pink colored lights
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That's So Tampa

TL;DR: Lizzo is the superhero this world needs. But you already knew that.

I’ve been in Tampa since around 2009, and that was the best show I have ever seen in this city. Joyful, hopeful, wild: It’s everything one needs to get by in 2019. Granted, I’m still coming down from the massive serotonin release that was this show. This spectacle was a powder keg of positivity, y’all, and we’re still basking in it.


Lizzo sings into a microphone while wearing a shiny gold bodysuit
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

From the atmosphere to the quality of the performance, and the fanaticism of the crowd, this was one of those “you had to be there” shows. On the radio and in your headphones, Lizzo is fire. In-person, surrounded by thousands of equally adoring fans, Lizzo is an inferno.

At long last, the sensational Lizzo and her fire flute arrived in the city of Tampa at a sold-out Yuengling Center. Her message: Love yourself. And if anyone comes at you with that “you complete me bullish*t,” remind them that “I complete me.”

Photos by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa


A high energy love fest in Tampa

It was an absolute love fest. An injection of self-love, ambition, and dreams. This show, of course, wasn’t even supposed to be in Tampa. It was originally scheduled to take place at Jannus Live in St. Pete. That venue has a capacity of about 2,000.

Lizzo gesturing to the crowd during her concert to sing along with her
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

It didn’t take long for them to realize the demand far exceeded the venue’s capacity. So the show was moved to Tampa at an arena that can fit about 10,000. There’s not a venue in this country that could properly contain Lizzo’s power. Even amongst thousands of other screaming, dancing fans, the performer at the height of her powers makes every song feel like she’s singing it directly to you.

Drink in all that juice, Tampa.

It was goosebumps from the get-go in the former Sun Dome.

Photos by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

Love yourself like you love Lizzo

A totally game crowd bopped, bounced and danced to nearly every second of Lizzo’s hour+ performance. Lizzo soaked it all in on stage. Taking a long pause to listen to a feverishly amped crowd chant her name.

Lick it up, Lizzo, you deserve it.

The artist noted that this was her first headlining performance in Florida, it was also the first arena stop. Lizzo performs as an artist possessed, and when you’re with her you’re orbiting a master performer.

Lizzo performs on stage surrounded by four backup dancers.
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

An undeniable presence on stage

Listen, her voice is perfection. She can leap from buttery vocals to a headbanging rasp at the snap of a finger, or the stomp of a glittery Dr. Marten boot. Seriously, we need a pair of those glowing boots.

It’s Lizzo’s personality and presence that set her apart. See the illuminant gold outfit she rocked for reference.

Yes, she saved those proverbial chart-topping hits Truth Hurts and Juice for the very end. The show built to that high energy crescendo. Truth Hurts just enjoyed its second week on top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

The crowd singing along to Lizzo from the front row of the floor
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

Cookie Monster also just updated the lyrics to Truth Hurts and we’re here for either version.

Lizzo makes sure you leave loving yourself. Lizzo makes sure you leave with a new love for your friends and family. She radiates compassion and confidence, y’all. Oh yea, there was also a ton of twerking.

All hail the queen. Lizzo needs no crown. Now bow down, Tampa, because you won’t see a performance like that again.

Surrounded by purple and white lights, Lizzo takes a moment to soak in the crowd's applause
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

Ari Lennox opens at the Yuengling Center

We also wanted to give a shout out to Ari Lennox who warmed up the crowd with some seriously alluring soul. She was the perfect appetizer before Lizzo, aka the whole damn meal.

A black and white photo of Ari Lennox singing into a microphone
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for That’s So Tampa

What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen in Tampa? Let us know in the comments!


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