Dave Bautista (Batista) opens DC Society Ink tattoo shop in Tampa

A man with tattoo sleeves since inside a tattoo studio with large wooden tables next to him.

DC Society Ink is a brand new tattoo studio from the actor, producer, and WWE Hall of Famer Dave Bautista (wrestling fans may know him as simply Batista). I’ve been a Bautista mark since I was in 6th grade. As a performer, Bautista had the kind of intangible charisma that captivated wrestling aficionados across the globe. As an actor, his deadpan comic timing, unmatched facial expressions, and sculpted physique have made him a major box office draw. Not content to rest on any of those laurels, Bautista is now the owner of DC Society Ink, a new tattoo shop in the city of Tampa.

The performer’s body is a proverbial canvas. His back, chest, abdomen, and both arms are covered in ink. Bautista isn’t alone in this tattoo studio endeavor. He co-owns the space with his own personal tattoo artist John Kural. In total, there are 9 tattoo artists working at the studio located at 1108 W Kennedy Boulevard. Emelyn serves as the general manager and Mia Lanz is the assistant manager.


Dave Bautista brings high-end tattoo studio to downtown Tampa

The tattoo shop first opened back in January. At the time, Creative Loafing covered its anticipated debut right across from the University of Tampa. This shop’s emergence on Instagram put it back in our periphery. Dan Solomon, President of Mr Olympia, recently visited the shop to get a new tattoo, and the entire experience was captured by Muscle and Fitness.

Those hoping to reserve an appointment at the studio can do so on DC Society Ink’s website.

Dave Bautista made headlines at the start of 2022 when “The Penny Bautista” bill was filed by Senator Taddeo and Emily Slosberg. The bill is named in honor of Bautista’s beloved dog, and puts a ban on the cruel unattended tethering of dogs and cats. Penny is a Humane Society of Tampa Bay rescue who was found with a metal chain embedded in her neck.

Side note: you may have seen Bautista trending this week because the actor’s next blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder, finally has a trailer and a July release date.

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