Dancing Algae installation coming to Tampa International Airport

Rendering of a sculpture with 4 people walking through it. The walls are carved to look like waves.

Tampa International Airport is basically a giant art gallery. Passengers can of course marvel at the sculptures, paintings, and installations that await them at their terminal, but those who are coming from the parking garage, headed to the rental car center, or just walking through the airport pre-security can enjoy a voluminous world of wonders. Yes, the flamingo has arrived at the airport. The installation should be complete soon. There’s another piece of public art coming to TPA that you need to keep on your radar: Starfish Family | Dancing Algae.

Artist Claudia Comte’s piece will include a white carrera marble sculpture with a graphic wall painting. Here’s the official description on Tampa International Airport’s Public Art Page:


Dancing Algae sculpture to beautify the future Airside D

Comte’s proposal depicts the image of a beach, a resting space in which passengers are invited to approach and even sit on marble starfish that seem to be in repose by the sea. The black and white wall painting represents a repetitive motif that moves along the horizontal axis, like the regular and constant movement of waves or like algae dancing in water. In this context, the background motif captures notions of fluidity and continuous flow while standing in contrast to the quiet inertia of the white marble sculptures. Here, perpetual movement and suspended stillness coexist.

The piece is expected to be installed sometime in 2024/25 at the future entrance to airside D. The $690-million, 16-gate terminal for both domestic and international flights was originally scheduled to begin the design phase in March 2021 and be completed in 2024. Airside D will allow TPA to serve more than 34 million passengers annually. Initial design and construction of the airside was delayed due to COVID 19.

You can see more of TPA’s upcoming installation here.

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