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Local startup Convee launches hassle-free shopping returns service

An Amazon package on a doorstep

A local startup is introducing a first-of-its-kind service in Tampa, and it may soon change the shopping experience of Americans nationwide. Convee, in the simplest terms, takes care of the entire returns experience for shoppers who regret a purchase.

As Convee describes it, “Have ANY return picked up from your doorstep! Forget the return labels and driving, just add your order details in the app and leave it outside.”


Of course, while the vast majority of companies selling online or in-person will happily accept returns, it’s left to the consumer to put in the work to make that return actually happen. And it’s that issue that inspired the founders to find a solution, particularly after too many days of frustration printing labels, figuring out packaging and waiting in line at the post office.

Enter Convee, which formulated a plan to alleviate that pain point and take away the hassle of post office visits, trips to stores across town, and even the process of filing a return online. Through its desktop or mobile app, Convee – an apt abbreviation as it makes convenience even shorter – allows users to return anything to anywhere, without ever leaving the couch.

The process is pretty straightforward: users fill out a quick form, choose a pick-up time, and then leave the unwanted item (or items) on their doorstep. Convee picks it up, returns it, and processes the refund, while the user goes about their day.


Convee saves time and expense for locals

David Mauerer, one of the founders of Convee who has overseen its rollout, said it has been particularly helpful for those who either don’t have or don’t want to make the time to deal with the returns process. With so many people living the Work From Home life, he’s seen a reluctance to take time out of the day to drive across town to the post office or a physical store.

In particular, he said parents have been the biggest fans of Convee early on, as it takes one more thing off the to-do list for people already juggling multiple items (or kids).

“You’ve got better things to do with your time,” Mauerer said, describing the feedback he received from those who had to return items. “It was almost across the board that people get frustrated with returns. It’s not worth the time to drive half an hour across town to make a return.”

One story came from a woman in St. Pete who missed the deadline to return her item to a store in Tampa, saying that by the time she was able to find a day to make the trek across the bridge, it was already too late, leaving her stuck with clothing she’d never wear.

Get 20% off Convee service with code TST20

So Mauerer and the team came up with a solution, creating Convee, and launching it in the Tampa Bay Area. When using the site, one simply shares what their returning, picks a time and address for pick-up (it can be a home, office, or business), and sets the item outside at the appropriate time, or hands it to a Convee employee when they arrive. Returners can include or upload the receipt and/or shipping label if they have it, but neither are required, unless the business in question requires a receipt.

For now, Convee is only in St. Pete, Tampa and the surrounding area, so we’ll call this local business a Tampa Bay Hack. And for a limited time, users can get 20% off their return fee with the code TST20. Convee is available as a mobile app or online at


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