Coming soon to Hyde Park Village: Bonobos menswear

New year, new wardrobe — that’s the goal at least. It looks like upping our personal style is about to get a whole lot easier courtesy of the newest shop in Hyde Park Village, Bonobos.

The hip menswear shop has an international presence and looks to set new roots in the burgeoning Tampa Bay region. It’s set to open in February 2019 inside a 1,455 square foot space at 1612 Snow Avenue.


The clothes from the company have a near tailored fit straight off the rack. Listen it’s hard to be hip or chic in the Florida heat, and it seems Bonobos’s products were designed specifically to withstand the vibrant rays of the Sunshine State.

We’re pretty obsessed with their form-fitting washed button downs. You can go with some classic plaid patterns, we’re partial to a bright blue-green mix, or go bold with stag, butterfly and fox patterns.

The styles are definitely a step above casual and are best served for those luxurious date nights.

Bonobos joins JackRabbit, Sprinkles, Vineyard Vines, Bar Taco and Sorrento Sweets as recent additions to the booming Hyde Park Village.

You can learn more about the shop, and whet your appetite for their newest styles by visiting the Bonobos website.


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