Colony Grill bringing hot oil pizza to Midtown Tampa this July

Colony Grill is one of the most celebrated spots for pizza in Connecticut. The concept has expanded with locations across the Nutmeg State, and Virginia. Back in 2021 Colony Grill also debuted its pizza-centric restaurant on the 600 Block of Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Colony Grill will soon open in Midtown Tampa, the city within a city. An official opening timeline is still TBA, but current plans call for a late July opening.

This restaurant only has pizza on the menu. Colony Grill’s claim to fame is the hot oil pizza. For the uninitiated, hot oil is olive oil that’s infused with red pepper flakes or chili peppers. Colony’s pizza features a crispy thin crust that allows for the perfect fold.


Hot oil and salad pizzas coming to Tampa

Most folks scoff at the idea of “salad pizza,” but let me tell you this super savory garden of a pie is so worth a try. The salad pizza features colony’s signature crust baked with a touch of olive oil and sea salt, topped with hearty mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots; tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.

An opening timeline is still TBA. For this interested trying it before its official Tampa debut, you can visit Colony Grill in St. Petersburg at 670 Central Avenue.

Colony Grill has New England-style “bar pie” for nearly 90 years. The first Colony Grill opened in Stamford, CT, neighborhood with a large population of Irish immigrants. Its Irish-American owners employed Italian and Eastern European chefs that brought their recipes stateside, according to a report by DC Eater.

Childhood friends help make a pizza dream come true

The restaurant chain is owned by a group of 4 friends: Ken Martin, Chris Dury, Paul Coniglio, and Cody Lee. Fun fact: these friends were part of the 1989 Little League World Series Championship team.

All four used to enjoy eating at Colony Grill growing up, and now, as co-principal owners, have infused that same love for New England-style bar pie into each location.


If you’re a gluten-free diner, then you’re in lucky. Colony Grill does have gluten-free crust on the menu.

Colony Grill will open at 3640 Midtown Drive.

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