City of Tampa launching pilot composting program for residents

The City of Tampa is helping residents go green and protect the environment with its new composting program. Composting is the managed and faster natural breakdown (decomposition) process of select organic waste you can do at home to reduce waste. Microorganisms break down select materials into compost with the presence of carbonnitrogenair, and water.

You can begin composting at home on your own or if you live within the Solid Waste service area, you’re eligible to receive a free backyard bin to participate in the Backyard Composting Program.


Join Tampa’s composting program

This program provides free backyard composting bins for single-family homes. Being a part of the solid waste process, individuals will get the chance to learn and start composting as they recycle their organic waste. This program is only available to City of Tampa residents serviced by the Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management, which does not include New Tampa.

To see if you’re eligible, and to apply for a bin, visit the City of Tampa’s composting page. A limited number of bins are currently available, but more are set to be added throughout the year.

Compostable items include coffee filters, hay, shredded newspaper, egg cartons, fruit peels, veggie scraps, fur, nut shells (except walnuts), manure, house plants, wood ash, and paper towel and toilet paper rolls.


Know what and what not to compost

Items to avoid include meat/bones, fat/oil, grass clippings, used kitty litter, metals, plastics, coal or charcoal ash, and glossy/coated paper.

On average, your trash contains at least 50% compostable materials, according to the City’s Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Protection Program.


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