Chef Inspired Popcorn Company Moving to Bay to Bay Boulevard

Arguably one of the best snack shops in all of Tampa, Chef Inspired Popcorn Company has captivated the tastebuds of residents and visitors alike. The popcorn shop’s eclectic selection of permanent flavors, and always exciting new additions — can we talk about the Butter Beer popcorn? — effortlessly blend sweet and savory flavors.



Popping from SoHo to Bay to Bay

Choose between Birthday Cake and Windy City, a mix of caramel and cheese, or Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo Bleu Cheese.

Soon, Chef Popcorn will move from its SoHo digs, where parking can be scarce, to a new location by Joe and Sons Olive Oils at 3204 Bay to Bay Boulevard.

The idea of enjoying a quick breakfast at Pinky’s Diner and walking across the street to pick up a cup or two of Fruit Cup popcorn on the go sounds mighty appealing to us.


Popcorn shop brings ingenuity to the snack scene

More space means more room for creativity. We imagine Chef Popcorn owner Lizette Rivera can concoct a few flavor concepts that would even put their addictive caramel frappé blend to shame. The company will be open at 927 South Howard Avenue through Saturday, August 26, after which point they will begin moving to Bay to Bay Boulevard.

Follow Chef Inspired Popcorn Company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for further updates about new flavors and an official opening timeline for their new location. Never fear, while their physical location may be gone for a short while, you can always order their exceptional flavors online.

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