Car Sharing Service Launches in Tampa

On Wednesday, April 27, Zipcar, a popular car sharing service, unveiled six new "cars on demand" in downtown Tampa. The service allows Tampa residents to rent cars by the hour. Cars will be stationed at Skyhouse, The Barrymore Hotel and the Tampa Convention Center. The rentals will cost $8.25 per hour. Memership is just $70 per year.

The app-based service currently operates at Tampa International Airport, The Marriot and at USF. This expansion comes after the increased apartment/housing developments downtown. Residents are looking to downsize, that includes foregoing a car. Along with Coast Bikes and Pirate Water Taxi, Zipcar allows Tampa residents and visitors to more easily and comfortably navigate our growing downtown area. 


*Photo via Tampa Downtown Partnership

Joining Zipcar this summer is an electric shuttle service. Nine Six-passenger low speed vehicles will provide on demand app-based service that will cover a concentrated area in downtown Tampa. The service will free to the public. With food and entertainment options abounding in the city, increased public transportation was an inevitability.

The Downtown Shuttle will be a welcome addition to Tampa. Years ago, Tampa provided a free electric cart service for residents. That service ended in early 2009. The new downtown shuttle will not have to deal with the same regulations that the previous one did. The carts will feature no advertising.

The Tampa Tribune reports that funding for the project "comes from a combination of community redevelopment area tax receipts, Florida Department of Transportation grants, and contributions from the Partnership and downtown hotels and merchants." 

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