Bucs Prepare for Hard Knocks Premiere

Beginning August 8, Tampa will be under the spotlight as HBO’s long running series Hard Knocks debuts. This season will focus on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they prepare for a season filled with promise.

Betting odds are that the show will highlight star QB Jameis Winston as he looks to hoist the hopes of the region on his shoulder pads. Of course, more than just showcasing the training camp process, Ken Rodgers, NFL Films coordinating producer for Hard Knocks, promises plenty of “stolen moments.”


Season will feature plenty of stolen moments

The show takes the gridiron titans and reveals the humanity that persists beneath the jersey and pads. In one conversation, Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson discuss their new appreciation for emojis, notes NFL.com contributing writer Ed Sherman.

For the rest of the nation, it’s an opportunity to become better acquainted with their potential division and league rivals. For Tampa Bay residents, this is a chance to become more familiar with, and endeared to their hometown heroes.

The Bucs are riding the wave of a winning 9-7 season. The Lightning’s recent stream of success, and the Rays and Rowdies respective pushes toward the post-season have assisted in elevating Tampa Bay’s reputation as a sports region.

Production shines a spotlight on Tampa

Aside from the allure its sure to add to our NFL team, Hard Knocks offers another opportunity to bring film and television productions to the area. After losing Ballers and Bloodline, the state needs more productions that showcase all that our area has to offer. It’s our hope that shows how the players interact with the city of Tampa.

Hard Knocks debuts on Tuesday, August 8 at 10pm on HBO.

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