Brightline provides first look at brand new Orlando Station opening in 2023

A train leaves an elevated station at an airport.

Brightline is a high-speed rail system that is looking to better connect the biggest cities in Florida. Its newest station will join the Orlando Airport in 2023. The organization just shared a first look inside its newest facility, and it includes a full bar, a market, and luxurious waiting areas.

The new Orlando train station will connect 170 miles of track from Central Florida to the rest of South Florida. Construction is underway in the South Terminal of Orlando International Airport. Now you can cut your travel time in half and take a train from Orlando to Miami without the traffic. Here are just a few fun highlights for soon-to-be travelers:

  • 2 hours from Orlando to West Palm Beach
  • Travel through Florida at 125 mph
  • 100% Carbon Neutral footprint for a cleaner way to ride

Brightline’s new Terminal C at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a part of the company’s Phase 2 expansion into Central Florida including a Tampa extension. The massive infrastructure project is making progress and encompasses four zones including the area of the Orlando International Airport and the Brightline Vehicle Maintenance Facility.

This monumental endeavor, which will use 225 million pounds of American steel, will include the laying of 490,000 ties and transporting 2.35 million tons of granite and limestone by 20,000 railcars. Additionally, approximately 2 million spikes and bolts will be hammered and put in place over the next 36 months.


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