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Brand new electric scooters by Bird will arrive in Tampa this spring

Electric scooters continue to be serve as a popular mode of transportation in downtown Tampa — and soon Bird will add new state-of-the-art Bird 2 e-scooters to the city.

The Bird Two is projected to be the longest-lasting shared e-scooter on the market, delivers an improved rider experience, and provides added features to benefit cities and riders. 


Here are a few of the updates riders can expect when using the new model this spring in Tampa.

Super long lasting batteries

Bird completely re-engineered the Bird Two battery. This first of its kind battery management system allows Bird Two to operate even more safely and with performance optimized for significant temperature variations. 

Inspired by the advanced diagnostic technology found in automobiles today, Bird Two features self-reporting damage sensors. With these sensors, mechanics can more easily and rapidly address aspects of the vehicle that need attention and rapidly remove them from the road until they are repaired. 


Sensors to self diagnose scooter issues

The Bird Two is the latest generation smart scooter that utilizes sensors and machine learning to self-diagnose and report nearly 200 unique events, such as potentially dangerous humidity changes in the battery encasement.

features puncture-resistant tires that not only deliver riders a more reliable and comfortable ride but will decrease repair and maintenance demands. 

Have you used Bird electric scooters in Tampa? Let us know in the comments.

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