Beam us up: Tampa lands laundromat of the future


Maybe one of the most terrifying and outright challenging tasks a person can face is trying to drum up a roll of quarters on a Saturday afternoon. Banks close early or do not open at all and currency exchanges can be, well, hit or miss. Oh, I’m sorry, why would you need a roll of quarters like a crazed fiend on said Saturday, you ask? Laundry.

Personally, we have entered a bank in panic, sweating profusely as we dread to ask if they can manage a roll of quarters while we imagine the musty clothes that might have to be worn to dinner that evening. But, wait, the Medieval torture of laundry day does not end there. After you somehow manage to procure quarters, you still have to sit in the laundromat for hours and wait for your clothes! One company is using technology to forever do away with the horrors of laundry day, and that company is Washlava.


Washlava allows you to reserve your washer or dryer through their app, tap your phone against the sensor to pay and even get a reminder to your phone when your clothes are done. Like Uber, Uber Eats, or even that handy-dandy Parkmobile app for parking around the city, Washlava is the smart, technological solution for a nagging problem. And – throw your confetti now if you happen to be holding any – Washlava has arrived in Tampa! Yes, finally, we are one of the first to get something people!

Washava is located in Carrollwood and they are open 24-hours a day. Even better, to announce their arrival in Tampa, Washlava is giving users $10 off their first load of laundry when they use the promo code: wash5161 (be advised, this code may expire at any time).

So, take a second and rejoice because you no longer have to veer towards a currency exchange with a wild and deranged look in your eye. Or, maybe that is just us. Either way, we highly recommend giving Washlava a spin.

Visit Washlava Laundromat at 11819 N. Armenia Avenue.


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