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bb.q chicken, a new restaurant from South Korea, hosts grand opening in Tampa

aerial view of two baskets of fried chicken, and a bowl of noodles topped with a hardboiled egg.
Photo via bb.q chicken

There are so many fried chicken options in the city of Tampa, but now there’s a another spot for the delicacy to get excited about. bb.q chicken is a restaurant originally founded in South Korea. It launched back in 1995 abroad and has since expanded internationally. Their new Carrollwood location, its first in Florida, began its soft opening on March 2 at 3805 Northdale Boulevard.

bb.q chicken’s Grand Opening will run April 14-16. There will be Lion Dances Friday and Saturday, plus tons of giveaways and raffles all weekend long.


Chairman Yoon Hong-guen founded bb.q chicken in Seoul, South Korea with one simple mission: serve great-tasting, high-quality Korean fried chicken to the world. Their menu ranges from mild Golden fried chicken, to super spicy Wings of Fire. Other tasty varieties include a delicious (and mild) maple crunch and honey garlic.

interior of a restaurant. multiple booths are filled with patrons.
Inside bb.q chicken’s new Carrollwood Restaurant.
two plates of fried chicken. one covered in spicy peppers, the other covered in a gold sweet sauce.
When you can’t choose between spicy or sweet, get both at bb.q chicken

The fried chicken they serve in America is true to the recipes, ingredients and methods used in Korea, and their flavors range from traditional favorites to adventurous new creations. bb.q chicken mixes every flavor differently, which means some are available as whole chicken (wings, breasts, and thighs), boneless, and traditional wings, while others are only available in some styles.

In addition to sweet and savory fried chicken, this restaurant also offers up Korean classics. One eye-catching item is the kimchi fried rice. More staples featured on the menu include:


  • Ddeok-bokki: Classic Korean street food made from rice cakes and fish cakes in a sweet and spicy chili reduction.
  • Rose’ Ddeok-Bokki: A less spicy, more creamy take on the signature Ddeok-Bokki dish.
  • Mala Ddeok-Bokki: Their spiciest Ddeok-Bokki dish, served with our Hot Mala sauce.
fried chicken covered in garlic and honey.
The honey garlic fried chicken at bb.q chicken

Follow bb.q chicken on Instagram for menu teasers and updates on a grand opening.

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