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Bay Cannon Beer Company to open in West Tampa this year

*Featured image via Bay Cannon Beer Company

UPDATE 7/14/19: Bay Cannon hosted a special soft opening on Sunday, July 14. The company made the announcement on Facebook with an opening time of 2:30pm.

Initially the brewing was just open for a private event. The owner’s announced their house brewed selection was available, in addition to guest taps.


The brewery announced that it would host its grand opening on August 2 from noon-midnight. Click here for the full event details.

1936. That is the last time West Tampa has been able to claim its own brewery. When DeSoto Brewing closed its doors – the same year President Franklin D. Roosevelt won re-election – West Tampa was left high and dry with no place to suds. Enter Bay Cannon Beer Company, baby, and 83 years later, historic West Tampa is about to get a brewery it can call its own.


80 years of celebrating West Tampa

Currently under construction in a former theater at 2106 W Main St (and even once a fish market) – and with some apparent problems with TECO based on their Facebook page – Bay Cannon Beer is bring back homemade brews to an area that is vital to the lifeblood of our city.

West Tampa is an area that is just as culturally rich and important to the story of Tampa as Ybor City – the neighborhood was officially annexed into Tampa in 1925- and many small business owners like Bay Cannon’s Matthew Juaire and Joe Simmons are raising the profile of the neighborhood once again.

Welcome to West Tampa

As far as the beer goes, Bay Cannon was in St. Petersburg at the inaugural kickoff of Almost There, a festival from Tampa Bay Beer Week. The brewery was showing off some of the brews that will eventually find their home in the West Tampa location like their hoppy Hazy Brut IPA, the fruity Brut Belgian Single ale and the Cranberry Beet Saison.

Bay Cannon has been giving detailed updates about the construction on their Facebook page. They recently just offered some pictures of tropical mural by Wax and Hive along with some interesting shots of the tap tower. So, it will be some time before the beer is flowing, but already the company has many people anticipating local brews from this classic area.

Check out updates on Bay Cannon Beer Company’s progress here.


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