Astro Transforms Armature Works with Nitrogen Ice Cream

Small batch nitrogen ice cream courtesy of Astro will soon arrive in Tampa Heights. One of the first of its kind in the city, Astro Ice Cream Co. offers small batch, custom confections that are 100% fresh and made-to-order.

The location won’t have a single freezer on site.  Each creation will be flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, which ensures the fat and sugar molecules don’t clump together — resulting in a smoother and creamier ice cream.


Artisanal toppings on a classic summer treat

Astro makes its ice cream in 6-8oz batches, the frozen creations will utilize fresh and season ingredients with 0 artificial flavoring. Armature Works provides a rundown of how Astro’s process works:

  • Choose a vessel: bowl, waffle cone or sweet bun (roughly the size of a hamburger bun).
  • Choose a base: ice cream, yogurt or low fat; there will also be lactose free options available.
  • Choose a flavor: classic options range from chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla to peanut butter, nutella and dulce de leche as well as rotating seasonal flavors like pumpkin, mango, and apple pie.
  • After 1-3 are decided upon, the ingredients undergo a flash-freeze from the liquid nitrogen to create the ice cream (process takes about 10 seconds).
  • Choose your toppings: these range from the fresh fruit variety (mango, cherry, banana) to “crunch” and “candy” options like chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and Kit Kat bars.

Ice cream sandwiches pressed in a panini maker

Signature options will also be available including the Classic Astro Ice Cream sandwich: vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two sweet buns, and pressed in a panini maker. These delicacies perfectly pair with the already announced dining concepts in Heights Public Market,

Sushi Burritos, ramen, empanadas, coffee, wood fired pizza, an oyster bar and authentic Mexican cuisine will all be available.

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