Armature Works announces dinner on the lawn series with Steelbach, Oak & Ola chefs

Photo outside massive food hall

Have you ever been to Steelbach or Oak & Ola? If the answer is no, we hope you change that as soon as possible because they’re two of the brightest spots in Tampa’s ever-emerging culinary community.

This November, Armature Works plans to launch a special dinner on the lawn series. The first in the series will feature an Autumn Harvest jointly curated by Chef Nathan Hardin of Steelbach and James Beard Award-winning Chef Anne Kearney of Oak & Ola. Hungry yet?


“I am excited to be working together with Chef Anne, who’s been doing lovely things at Oak and Ola,” says Nate Hardin, Executive Chef of Steelbach. “Together we’re doing our best to create dishes that will complement the views and welcome in some cooler weather.”

Each course will be paired with a wine program selected by Steelbach’s sommelier. If you love wine and sunsets and really dreamy dishes, then this is right up your alley.

Tickets run $155, but you get what you pay for, y’all. The event includes 5 courses, 5 wine pairings, live music, and an unforgettable pop-up dining experience under the stars.[0]=68.ARAPexDq6ANLzB4Cg9jHF8CAsACYEVB9TxKORU9P2OWFsxkTjOa9eAie88Oq8IER0igUAnWdT_sOSop05walTzYyMGZyYgbYYXZmf148xHTlR3ettnPYTHPDSGBMKxPwyx0KMJETIxoL66Lj1TeucxQ8-2zTMO1ZA6mKW07foi7xUYGPmR6djGRJ0EfQA6rWWQ5jFiMnHevjIp2QTQI8m_y93K1GUAstbMJ_tIe-duI_VQZ-52epn1jIFyKzS4aZpLbV6irEjQh3e0orG3nGKed3Ia32CKc8QuxOpy7TQCo2Aiv7VDkLusRIUSnfa7zawahP5dHYWh3w_H-lVJjcg6b7ahFHX9YH6A1ckl6xVhCob-dkyqJpYku9oHp7flUXTlXjniUiW7IXS5M_813y92g8sKOHCbe41SLGpr8zRMaWohIfce_d&__tn__=-R

“I am very much looking forward to sharing the menu Chef Nathan and I collaborated on, highlighting flavors of the season,” commented Anne Kearney, Executive Chef of Oak and Ola. “I am also excited about the first dinner of its type at Armature Works.”

Click HERE for tickets.


There’s more coming to Armature Works in the coming months. The largest dessert festival in America is happening in 2020 at the venue.

A 25-story luxury hotel, Moxy, has also been announced for the The Heights.

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