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Tampa’s iconic 111-year-old Alessi Bakery is a hotspot for King Cakes

a purple and green cake with a small plastic doll figure shown inside
Alessi Bakeries special King Cake

Alessi Bakery has served Tampa for more than 111 years. It’s one of the oldest, family run bakeries in the state, and residents and tourists alike flock to it for scachatta, and delicious guava and cheese pastries. During Mardis Gras season, it’s the spot for King Cakes in Tampa Bay.

You can of course find these purple and green beauties packaged and ready in most local Publix locations. Learn more about the full Alessi menu on its website, or just visit in person at 2909 W Cypress Street.


“There’s nothing better than a creamy, sweet icing that melts in your mouth. King Cakes are available in cinnamon, cheese, strawberry and cheese” writes the Alessi team on Facebook.

a circular cake covered in purple and green icing
Alessi’s vibrant King Cake

Visit New Orleans breaks down exactly what a King Cake is, and how it got its name: The name “king cake” comes from the Biblical story of the three kings who bring gifts to Baby Jesus. A blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll, king cake is usually iced in yellow, green and purple – the colors of Mardi Gras — and is frequently packed with fruit fillings and decadent cream cheeses. Hidden within these season sweets also lie a special surprise: a plastic king cake baby to continue the fun.

Alessi Bakery is a true Tampa treasure, and it dates back over a century to 1912, making it one of the few historic restaurant establishments in the entire Tampa Bay region. The bakery was first opened on Cherry Street by Nicolo Alessi. He arrived in Tampa from Italy and brought his knowledge of baking and proud European heritage with him. The spot is now set to celebrate 110 years in the city of Tampa. 


a pastry filled with guava
Alessi’s guava and cream cheese turnover
two pieces of thick bread covered in red sauce
The scachatta at Alessi Bakery

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the sweet options behind the pastry case, then I’m here to save you some time. Never ever leave Alessi without treating yourself to a guava and cheese turnover. Follow the bakery on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the hot spot for sweets.

Visit: 2909 W Cypress Street

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