Airbnb Ranks Tampa as Most Hospitable City

Mayor Buckhorn and city officials are all about bringing Tampa into the digital age. Industry disruptors have created the kind of competition that breeds innovation. Airbnb is one of those economic disruptors. Their spot in the travel industry has allowed larger access to premier and lesser known travel destinations around the world.

Residents roll out the red carpet for visitors

The company’s large presence in the U.S. allows it to maintain a solid pulse on where people have been and where they are going. Their reviews archive also offers insight into the general hospitality and experience of America’s major cities.


Airbnb put the information they have at their disposal to good use as they created a ranking of America’s most hospitable cities. Coming in at number one is Tampa. To create their rankings, Airbnb sifted through their reviews — each one is based on several factors: cleanliness, check in, communication, value, accuracy. The results of each category can amount to a score of 1 to 5.

Tampa is a 5 star city

The organization took the cities with the highest percent of trips resulting in a 5-star experience. Following behind Tampa are Mendocino (CA), Eugene (OR), Bend (OR) and Raleigh (NC). Reviewers note that part of Tampa’s charm is the hosts desire to show their guests around our flourishing city.

The company also examined how age and group size affect results. Smaller groups tend to give more favorable reviews while younger hosts tend to receive lower hospitality scores.

With innumerable events being scheduled in Ybor, Channelside and downtown, it’s no wonder travelers are clamoring to visit our city and why local entrepreneurs are eager to showoff where they live.

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