Air taxis could land in Water Street Tampa, and connect to Clearwater, St. Pete

rendering of a electric airplane hovering over a city. It has 4 vertical propellers, with space for four passengers

The Tampa Bay region is primed to be a a testing ground for EVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and land) aircrafts, and Water Street Tampa could make the perfect landing destination. Officials in both St. Petersburg and Tampa are currently considering air taxis as a new means connecting both populous cities. This mode of transit between the cities has been discussed for years, with reports surfacing in late 2021, and early 2022 of Eve’s intention to break into the Florida market. The news was first reported by Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Officials from both Tampa and St. Petersburg communities are in agreement that business and population growth are quickly exceeding our current transportation options. The proposed air taxis take off and land similar to drones. NASA has identified Water Street in downtown Tampa and Westshore as the best locations for possible Vertiports. One manufacturer of the vessels believes they could stock a fleet by 2025/26. 

Map via Eve Air Mobility

Air taxi service to connect Tampa and St. Petersburg

Eve Air Mobility is the firm seeking to create expedited connections between major cities across North America. Eve itself has already set up operations, and is on pace to host listen and learn sessions, in Miami-Dade County through June 30.


Eve is dedicated to accelerating the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem. Benefitting from a startup mindset, backed by Embraer’s more than 50-year history of aerospace expertise, and with a singular focus, Eve is taking a holistic approach to progressing the UAM ecosystem, with an advanced eVTOL project, a comprehensive global services and support network and a unique air traffic management solution.

The aircrafts can currently carry up to four passengers and are capable of flying at heights of up to 1,000 feet. Eve projects this could significantly cut down on commute times for those who make frequent trips to St. Petersburg and Tampa respectively.

Addressing transit needs in the growing Tampa community

The Tampa Bay Regional Transit Authority has long discussed the potential for air taxis in the region. Permanent high speed ferry service, the massive Howard Frankland Bridge expansion, and the Selmon Expressway have all come about as a means to address the increasing density in the region.


During a TBARTA meeting, Eve saw potential in vertiports in downtown St. Petersburg, Carillon Park, in addition to downtown Clearwater and up in Wesley Chapel.

Visit Eve’s website to learn more about the aircrafts.

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