ABL, a new brewery and book lounge, coming soon to Wesley Chapel

Brews and Books in Wesley Chapel. You have our curiosity and our attention. Andria and Chris were long-time residents of Wesley Chapel, but they still hadn’t found a go-to spot for quality beer, trivia, karaoke, and good times with friends and family. After years of searching, Andria decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own spot, Athenaeum Brew Lounge (ABL) in Wesley Chapel. This spot first came onto our radar courtesy of the upcoming Temple Terrace Craft Beer Festival. Athenaeum is used in the names of libraries or institutions for literary or scientific study.

Their beers are inspired by the books they love. ABL’s team recently shared photos of Paul Tremblay’s excellent horror novel A Head Full of Ghosts. We are so down for some noir, horror, and even romance fueled brews.

To prepare for this endeavor, Andria and Chris traveled to many breweries both in and out of the state, talking to patrons and employees to determine the most inviting qualities of a great hangout spot. They also took note of what not to do, learning from the experiences of others. Andria is also a member of a local book club and attends weekly trivia nights and other entertainment events to see what draws in crowds.


The ABL is the next great Florida brewery

On their adventures, they met Simon Brooks, a long-time homebrewer with a passion for the craft. Simon had been practicing the art of brewing for more than a decade and was eager to turn his hobby into a profession. Andria and Chris were impressed by Simon’s extensive repertoire of proven recipes and believed that his work experience and passion for brewing would be the perfect combination to help their brew lounge succeed.

With this knowledge and experience, Andria set out to create the perfect brew lounge in Wesley Chapel. She envisioned a place where friends and family could come together to enjoy quality beer, play trivia, sing karaoke, and create lasting memories. Andria and Chris’ vision became a reality when they teamed up with Simon Brooks to create the ABL. The ABL will offer a wide selection of quality beers, from light and refreshing to dark and full-bodied.

One of the unique features of the ABL is its focus on community. They have a dedicated space for local artists to showcase their work and host events, such as paint and sip nights. The owners have been curating a dedicated library for the space. You can view their collection of literature online.


An official location and opening date will be announced at a later date. Follow ABL on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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