Nonstop Service to Havana to Begin this Winter

Southwest Airlines announced that they will begin daily nonstop service between Tampa and Havana on December 12. Fares will run as low as $59 each way through April 24.

“This is a community that truly understands the importance of daily commercial flights to the capital of Cuba,”  said a representative from the airport.


More than 300,000 passengers have used the charter flights Tampa International Airport currently offers, though you are required to have a special visa in order to use those charters.

“Daily service is historic for Tampa,” said Adam Decaire, managing director of network planning for Southwest Airlines. Decaire also added that the $59 fares available for purchase on Southwest’s website through November 20. The travel time between Tampa and Havana is less than an hour.

Cuba will be the ninth country Southwest provides service to. Southwest will also begin service from Fort Lauderdale to Vardaro, Cuba in just a few weeks, which provides Tampa residents with relatively easy access to two key spots in the country.


Since 2011, Tampa International Airport has added international service to Zurich, Panama and Frankfurt, among other destinations.

U.S. Representative Kathy Castor added, “This is good news for Tampa Bay area families who want to connect with relatives on the island of Cuba. It was just five years ago that a family in Tampa had to travel all the way to Miami to see family in Cuba.” Years ago, families were restricted to making just one trip to Cuba per year. Tampa has one of the largest Cuban populations in America. “It has been the Tampa Bay area together that has pressed for change and made this possible for communities all across the United States,” said Castor.

Full press conference:

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