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15 Tampa IGers To Follow: Part I

Thanks to the amazing Instagramers of Tampa (@igers_tampa) community we're treated to breathtaking photos of our city on a daily basis. Enjoy Part I of our three-part series showcasing a few of our favorite accounts. 

Don't forget to use the hashtags #SOtampa and #igerstampa and you could be featured in our next installment! 





Garrett Cox takes some of the most vibrant and intricate photos on Instagram. Being from Tampa, he knows how to artfully represent life in the bay. His ability to capture the landscape, signage and businesses of Tampa Bay in their raw form makes Garrett's account a must follow for any Tampa resident. 



Shadow1188 prefers not only to show life in the Bay through its people, but its art as well (though his vision reveals the two are not mutually exclusive). Most of his pictures are either in glamorous colors or black and white. The duality of presentation allows his feed to transition from a found-footage feel to polished, almost purposeful display. He's not afraid to explore the city either, so if you're looking for a new spot in Tampa we suggest you pay attention to his IG feed. 



Allison Neilsen has the uncanny ability to encapsulate the character of a city with a single shot. Her feed will take you from the southeast to the west coast with the flick of the thumb. Here photos are expansive and stretch Tampa into glorious infinity. If you need some inspiration on a muggy day in the Bay, just take a glance at her gallery of photos. 



Maria Garcia loves life, and she loves to share that feeling through her instagram. Her feed feels more like a visual journal that she adds to daily than it does a collection of photos. Her feed takes you to the best places to watch the sun set, grab a coffee or tea, and where to discover the magic in our wonderful city. She also happens to be one of the creative masterminds behind the Instagramers Of Tampa community. 




@haucstro utilizes a vintage energy in his photography. His feed has the depth of a film by Paul Thomas Anderson at his best. This picture of a deserted street in Ybor, awaiting a parade, is eerie with anticipation. When you see a photo by haucstro you feel like you're gazing at a timeless postcard. Discover the symetry, the history and the strange majesty of Tampa with @haucstro.


*List by Contributing Writer Paige Kesselman


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