15 Tampa IGers Accounts To Follow: Part II

Tampa's businesses, architecture and local culture make the city something beyond photogenic. Green rivers, illuminated buildings, mural tours, water bikes and minarets are a few of the quirks that make Tampa a dynamic place to live.

The expansion of Tampa International Airport is a testament to the city's desire to connect us to the world, and the world to us. With local love in mind, here is the second installment of the top IGers in Tampa who help shape and share the identity of our growing city. Don't forget to use the hashtags #igerstampa #SOtampa and #unlocktampabay on all of your photos. If you need to know where to explore next just reference Visit Tampa Bay





@_ _operator_ _ 's eye for symmetry, illusion and inversion make his photos art pieces to be admired. @_ _operator_ _ has captured the noir curves of the Howard Franklin, the majesty of flight, the soft reflections of the setting sun on the Hillsborough River and painted the moon over our skyline.  As Roald Dahl once wrote, "Those who do not believe in magic will never find it," @_ _operator_ _'s feed is your portal to discovery. 



@markgoblue takes you inside the best concerts in Tampa. More than just a front row pass to experience rock royalty and rebels, @markgoblue effortlessly captures the watercolor skies that cover Tampa as well as the infrastructure, storefronts, sidestreets and alleyways that make our home feel more like a gallery than a city. This feed is made of the sweat and grit that is Tampa. 



@stephanielschulte's feed is imbued with an adventurous spirit. If ever you need inspiration to explore the city and escape from the ordinary, Stephanie's photos are the inspiration you need. Her photos capture the hidden wild of Florida and may also introduce you to a few cafes and restaurants you NEED to try today. 



@ams23ut Is fueled by joy. His photos will remedy your landlocked blues and elevate your perspective of Tampa until you're soaring above the skyline. From the expansive, gorgeous stretch of Bayshore to the delicate sunrise over Sykes, @ams23ut immerses you in the dreamland that is Tampa.



@matthughes_  takes you on the road with his photography. Whether he chooses to illuminate the stars, freeze lightning or drag you through the morning mist of Spring in Tampa, Matt has a way of unearthing the perfection we don't often associate with the rain and the dark. @matthughes_ paints with light to create an atmosphere of feverish anticipation. His feed will leave you awe struck and infect you with the travel bug. 


IGers Tampa Meet at Lowry Park's Zoomination

This Sunday, March 22nd, don't miss the IGers Tampa and Share a Little Sunshine community meet at Lowry Park's Zoomination at 7pm! Zoomination is a dazzling exhibition of colossal lanterns sprawling over 26 acres, it’s an unforgettable journey through the ancient Chinese art of lantern sculpture. Wander past giant glowing pandas, zebras and mythical creatures. Marvel at millions of LED lights and lanterns constructed in a variety of styles and materials that range from silk to dinnerware. Explore the exhibit while taking photos using the tags #igerstampa and #SOtampa to enter to win a $50 gift card to Square 1 Burgers.

To sign up for the meet follow this link. You must sign up in order to participate


Don't forget to tag your photos with #igerstampa #SOtampa and #unlocktampabay and you could be featured in Part III!


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